• Non-abrasive
  • No secondary waste produced
  • Gives a faster, superior clean
  • Downtime is significantly less
  • Extends reliability and lifespan of equipment
  • Eco-friendly, sustainable media

At Polar IceTech, we clean multiple components of gas and steam turbines: turbine blades, compressor blades, casings, discs, bearing seals, labyrinth seals.

In turbines, a buildup of hardened carbon, rust and oil can cause reliability and performance issues.  This may result in inefficiencies and increased turbine wear, impacting on operating costs and maintenance intervals, and reducing the lifespan of the asset. With Dry Ice Blasting, contaminants and oxidation are effectively removed without causing abrasion to the surface (does not affect tolerances), returning the metal to its original condition.  

Dry Ice Blasting is suitable for both major and minor outages. In particular, it is ideal for minor outages pre-inspection and the NDT process. The high quality clean Dry Ice Blasting produces means that defects can be spotted easily during inspection, minimising the risk of malfunction and improving equipment reliability.

Turbine shaft during the Dry Ice Blasting process.Dry Ice Blasting does not produce a secondary waste stream. As only the primary contaminant needs to be cleaned and removed, the time and financial costs spent on clean up and disposal are significantly reduced.

This provides a superior result with less downtime, meaning a quicker return to production.

The turbine featured in the images above had been manually cleaned by 2-3 people for a total of 120 hours. Dry Ice Blasting reduced this to just two people cleaning for 18 hours, a reduction of 85%.

For more information on Dry Ice Blasting in relation to the cleaning of turbines, have a look at our Turbine Brochure.

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Watch our video to see the Polar IceTech team cleaning a turbine with Dry Ice Blasting.