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Sector Overview

Sector Overview

In the Print & Packaging industry, production processes lead to a build-up of various contaminants. For example, a build-up of ink and grease on printing machinery can cause alignment problems and high scrap rates. In addition, clogging of vent slots and material build-up on other components can result in reduced print speed.

Dry Ice Cleaning is an effective and efficient cleaning solution within the Print & Packaging industry, as it is fast, effective and cleans to a superior quality. It removes glue build-up from belts and conveyor rollers without damage or wear and eliminates the cost and downtime of replacing the drive belts in the packaging process. See below for a more extensive list of applications.

Features and Benefits in the Print & Packaging Industry:

  • Reduces scrap rates
  • Cleans in place, does not require disassembly of equipment
  • Extends equipment lifespan and reliability
  • Enhances Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programs
  • Increase production capacity
  • Reduces cleaning time and production downtime
  • Eliminates secondary waste
  • Reduce water and sanitation costs
  • Remove the need for disassembly (cleans hot and in-place)
  • Non-abrasive
  • Eliminate re-lubrication

Packaging Applications (not exhaustive list):

  • Slicers & Dividers
  • Electrical components & motors
  • Pack-off Tables
  • Labelers and Gluers
  • Ovens
  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Baggers
  • Palletiser
  • Proof box grids
  • Food moulds

Suitable Printing Applications (not exhaustive list):

  • Grippers / Rollers
  • Drums
  • Ink Trays
  • Gears and Deck Guides
  • Side Walls
  • Feeder / Delivery Units
  • Letterpress
  • Flexography
  • Gravure Presses

Contract Services

Contract Services

Dry Ice Cleaning uses the latest in cryogenic cleaning technology and is a completely moisture free process working without chemicals, solvents or water. The technology is ideal for decontaminating and cleaning many applications including high-value assets, process and production equipment, delicate electrical equipment and any moisture-sensitive and abrasive sensitive surfaces.

For nearly 15 years, we at Polar IceTech have been delivering our cryogenic cleaning solutions to industry. We mobilise teams across the island of Ireland to provide this service. Our team is highly trained to deliver a tailored on-site service to tackle any project with the most efficient, effective and appropriate Dry Ice Cleaning technology.

Dry Ice Cleaning achieves a superior quality of clean and can access hard to reach areas. It effectively removes contaminant build up that forms during the production process.

For example, most packaging cardboard boxes are printed with a wax or clay-based graphic that is transferred onto the conveyor rollers and, as the coating builds up, disrupts production. Dry Ice Cleaning will remove wax or clay buildup from rollers while the conveyor is still assembled.

Removing contaminants and providing a superior quality clean greatly improves the equipment’s efficiency, reliability and lifespan, as well as improving end product and reducing scrap rates.

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