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Sector Overview

Sector Overview

Within the Plastics industry, residue can build up on equipment, increasing scrap rates and reducing product quality.

Flash, burn and short shots on the product caused by clogged vents also creates challenges for manufacturers.

Dry Ice Cleaning quickly and effectively removes these residues, resulting in a superior quality clean.

Features & Benefits in the Plastics Industry:

  • Improves product quality
  • Reduces replacement tooling costs & product scrap rates
  • Reduces production downtime and cleaning time
  • Cleans in-place; little to no equipment disassembly
  • Superior clean achieved
  • Helps meet contract specifications and meet strict industry standards for cleanliness
  • Non-abrasive, will not damage moulds
  • Dry, moisture-free; equipment can be quickly reintroduced to production
  • No secondary waste produced

Suitable Applications (not exhaustive list):

General Mould and Tool Cleaning
  • Injection Moulds
  • Compression Moulds
  • Blow Moulds
  • Urethane Moulds and Overspill
  • Plate Out and Off Gassing
  • Textured Moulds and Embossing Cooling Rolls
  • Thermoform Moulds
  • Technical Moulding
  • Medical
  • Extrusion Dies
  • Extrusion Line Cleaning
  • PET Preform
  • Plastic Injection Screws
  • Surface Preparation
  • LSR and LIM Mould Cleaning
Product Finishing
  • Deflashing and deburring machined parts

Contract Services

Contract Services

Dry Ice Cleaning uses the latest in cryogenic cleaning technology to clean high value, moisture sensitive and abrasive sensitive process and production equipment. It is a completely moisture free process working without chemicals, solvents or water. The technology has numerous applications within the plastics manufacturing industry.

We at Polar IceTech travel throughout the island of Ireland to provide our Dry Ice Cleaning services to industry.

Clean mould cavities and vents are a major concern for plastic part manufacturers in maintaining today’s high quality standards. The build-up of unwanted surface residues from either the resin additive off-gases or the use of mould releases can create various problems, ranging from product release (“knock out”) to inferior product quality and possible damage to tools. Flash, burn and short shots on the product caused by clogged vents also creates challenges for manufacturers.

Moulds and cavities are quickly and effectively cleaned with Dry Ice.

For example, Dry Ice Cleaning removes the waxy, paraffin build-up that can lead to blemishes (orange peel effect) on bottles while the moulds are hot and on-line.

Dry Ice Cleaning can clean entire blow and injection mould cavities completely and effectively. With blow moulding bottle manufacturing, daily mould cleaning time can be significantly reduced by cleaning moulds hot and in place.

Dry Ice Cleaning is suitable for preparing surfaces for re-coating or painting, such as ceilings or production machinery. Complete machines can be easily cleaned without removing the factory paint and made ready for repainting with little or no other preparation. As it is non-abrasive, it causes no damage to underlying surfaces or equipment.

Dry Ice Cleaning will effectively remove failing paint and coatings. It does not remove good quality coatings, instead cleaning and decontaminating them to a high standard, ready for touch-up. Keeping high quality paint greatly reduces the scope of work, as removal is often unnecessary.

As the process is moisture-free, it will not contribute to the development of rust and the surface is ready for coating, with no further rinsing or other preparation required.

Surface Preparation Downloads

Equipment Solutions

Equipment Solutions

Dry Ice Cleaning is a fast and effective process that, unlike alternative cleaning methods, does not use chemicals or hand tools. Dry Ice Cleaning is a non-abrasive and environmentally sustainable cleaning method that allows moulds and product to be cleaned quickly, allowing increased cycles between preventive maintenance. In addition, moulds can be cleaned hot and in-place, without water, chemicals or creation of secondary waste.

At Polar IceTech, we are the official partners with Cold Jet in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Cold Jet are the global leaders in manufacturers (OEM) of Dry Ice Cleaning technology with over 30 years of experience and hold the original patent on dry ice blasting equipment.

If you are interested in securing Dry Ice Cleaning technology or wish to discuss any cleaning challenges you may have, contact us today.

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