Fire and Smoke Remediation Services

Sector Overview

Sector Overview

Dry Ice Cleaning is suitable for Fire and Smoke Remediation. With it, it is possible to restore equipment and buildings damaged through fire, smoke or flood to a high standard. Dry Ice Cleaning is suitable for use on process and production equipment and all surfaces e.g. tiles, concrete, steel, glass, wood, plaster and ceramic, as well as electric wiring, cables, distribution boards etc.

Features and Benefits for Fire and Smoke Remediation:

  • Fast, efficient, effective process
  • Non-abrasive, so does not damage equipment or structure
  • Safe for use on sensitive electrical items (e.g. switches, wiring)
  • No secondary waste i.e. does not cause mess
  • Less downtime or displacement
  • Removes odour from fire, smoke and water damage
  • Easily removes smoke contamination
  • Controls mould and sanitises other biological contaminants (e.g. sewage residue carried by flooding)
  • Cleans areas which are hard to reach

Contract Service

Contract Service

For nearly 15 years, we at Polar IceTech have been delivering our cryogenic cleaning solutions to industry. Our team is highly trained to deliver a tailored on-site service to tackle any project with the most efficient, effective and appropriate Dry Ice Cleaning technology.

We mobilise teams across the island of Ireland to provide this service.

Flashovers can occur in electrical equipment due to a build up of contaminants, such as dust, grime and product. This can result in catastrophic failure and significant production downtime. For this reason, it is important to take preventative measures to ensure that flashover does not occur.

However, in the unfortunate event of a flashover occurring, replacement of equipment is not the only option.

Dry Ice Cleaning can restore the distribution boards and switchgear back to efficiency by removing contaminants created during flashover. Cleaning with Dry Ice rather than replacing equipment reduces financial costs significantly.

Dry Ice Cleaning is non-conductive and moisture free, and therefore ideal and safe for use on sensitive electrical components.

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