Polar IceTech Ltd are delighted to announce an expansion of our team and services in Northern Ireland. Following the awarding of a significant number of contracts within Northern Ireland across multiple industries, we have recently established an office and have hired a number of operators.

β€œIt is an exciting time for Polar IceTech Ltd as the company has grown significantly since the beginning of 2016. Our expansion in Northern Ireland is as a direct result of the winning a number of large contracts and our increased reputation as Dry Ice Blasting specialists delivering cleaning solutions which increase production efficiencies and save costs,” said Damien McDonnell, Managing Director of Polar IceTech Ltd.

β€œAlso this year we have moved our Headquarters to Cork and have expanded the team of operators we have working throughout the country. In early 2016 we established a programme of continuous improvement in the training of personnel, the communication of our message as well as a significant capital investment. Already this investment is paying dividend and we are looking forward to seeing continued results as we continue through the programme.”

Polar IceTech Ltd are Dry Ice Blasting Specialists delivery eco-friendly cryogenic cleaning solutions which reduce industry carbon footprint, improve production capability, improve energy consumption, reduce downtime and cleaning associated costs.

Dry Ice Blasting has a variety of features which makes it ideal for cleaning in delicate scenarios including: moisture-free, non-abrasive, non-conductive, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, produces no secondary waste, decontaminates 99.9% of bacteria, approved by the EPA, FSA and USDA.

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