Polar IceTech Dry Disinfection Electrostatic Service 2020Building on our 15 years of expert reputation within the cleaning and decontamination space, here at Polar IceTech we have expanded our portfolio to include a medically validated disinfection service. We are delighted to bring this service offering to our customers and support them as they navigate this new post-Covid reality. 

Now, more than ever, how we disinfect our workspaces (including production facilities) and how we maintain these spaces, is critical. Our disinfection service serves to meet the needs of customers to offer peace of mind and reassurance to employers and managers that their teams and their facilities are virus and bacteria free, and ultimately safe to work, produce and manufacture in. 

Some key points about our new service: 

  • Medically Validated: The biocide and technology we use was originally manufactured to successfully kill MRSA. It is now widely used in healthcare facilities throughout Europe and has been validated to kill bacteria and viruses under EU Norm EN14478
  • Suitable and Safe: The biocide we use is Hydrogen Peroxide and will not damage skin, surfaces, materials, plants or pets. It is suitable for offices, workspaces, warehouses, canteens, changing areas, stores, production areas, labs, cleanrooms, production facilities etc
  • Technology: Our service is a touchless service where our operators use a electrostatic technology which charges droplets of biocide and disperses them at a rapid and effective rate. The electric charge of the droplets means it can reach surfaces that may be otherwise deemed inaccessible – including cracks and crevasses in furniture, underneath keyboard keys, behind hand rails etc.
  • Bacteria & Virus Free: The service is fully certified (swab testing available if required) & verified using droplet indicators. 
  • Availability: We cover the 32 counties & have equipment & operators in Cork, Limerick, Dublin, Galway/West & Northern Ireland. We are currently offering customers of a 4 hour lead-in to being onsite, however this is subject to the number of calls onsite at the time. 

Polar IceTech Dry Disinfection Electrostatic Touchless Service

Disinfection Projects we have worked on since Covid-19 reached Ireland

We service many of Ireland’s leading manufacturers, producers & government agencies (OPW, Midlands prison etc) on a daily basis. In terms of Covid-19, we recently worked with:
  •  The Defence Forces decontaminating the L.É. Éithne before it was converted into a Covid-19 testing centre (see screenshot of LinkedIn post attached). 
  • An Garda Síochána disinfecting offices, cells and vehicles 
  • Private corporate offices

Supporting Documents to give further detail

  • Video Interview with Consultant Keith McCracken, who has worked with this technology for over a decade, outlining the various particulars of the service. 
  • Article published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology (2008) on ‘Efficacy of Dry Mist of Hydrogen Peroxide’
  • Article published in Journal of Hospital Infection (2020) on ‘Persistence of coronaviruses on inanimate surfaces and
    their inactivation with biocidal agents’ which notes 5% Hydrogen Peroxide as a viable disinfection against Covid-19 on inanimate surfaces.
  • Please email info@polaricetech.ie for these