Why Continuous Improvement Teams are taking Dry Ice Blasting seriously

Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement teams tirelessly seeks to improve company efficiencies and introduce processes which reduce operating overheads and streamline workflows. Together with Polar IceTech, many of our clients reduce wasted time, reduce production downtime, reduce secondary waste (and all associated costs), reduce equipment scrap rates and ultimately make their cleaning processes more cost effective, efficient and effective.

Dry Ice Blasting for Continuous Improvement teams has Lean efficient properties Dry Ice Blasting cryogenic cleaningManaging Director Damien McDonnell say: “At Polar IceTech we capture data before and after the process and use this to identify and continuously improve on the efficiencies offered. We use specialised equipment and processes to clean high value, moisture-sensitive and abrasive-sensitive assets, including process and production equipment with Dry Ice (i.e. Solid Carbon Dioxide – Learn What is Dry Ice and How is it Used in Dry Ice Blasting)”.

Dry Ice Blasting has the following features which, when used, is efficient, time saving, equipment saving and cost saving.

    • Dry Ice is non conductive therefore is safe to clean all equipment (including electrical equipment) without the need for wrapping the electrical equipment, disassembly or removal of certain equipment. Therefore this saves significantly on pre and post clean preparatory work.
    • The process is safe to work on abrasive sensitive equipment and high value assets, unlike chemical cleaning or manual cleaning with hammers and chisels, no damage is caused to the equipment or surface therefore the equipment has a longer lifespan. This reduces scrap rates, increases equipment efficiency and cost saving.
    • Many companies have significant costs associated with the removal or treatment of secondary waste streams when cleaning including water, sand, chemicals etc. As an example, some Irish industries use up to a 1million litres + of water per annum in their cleaning process. This water needs to be treated or removed which is a significant cost both financially and in time. The implementation of Dry Ice Blasting eliminates the need for this cost.
    • Dry Ice is a natural sustainable media which is very environmentally friendly. Traditional cleaning with chemicals is hazardous and, over time, causes damage to equipment. The chemical is often used with water and this wastewater then needs to be treated and/ or removed. Furthermore a wiped down with wipes after cleaning is often necessary. Dry Ice Blasting eliminates the cost of the wastewater treatment/ removal, surface damage to equipment and need for additional time spent on cleaning (downtime and labour). Dry Ice is also much safer for employees. Learn Why Dry Ice Blasting is a safer cleaning option
    • Reduces downtime as no need for pre-clean disassembly. There can a significant time cost in disassembling equipment.
    • Dry Ice Blasting is a more efficient process in terms of time spent cleaning. Is can be up to 80% faster than traditional cleaning methods.

Learn How Dry Ice Blasting Works and Why Polar IceTech are Industry Leaders

Watch our team take 60 year old dirt from a Hydro Rotar within seconds