• Increased production
  • Moisture free
  • Delicate process
  • Superior clean

Product accumulation can cause maintenance issues within beverage facilities, particularly within bottling lines. Spilled beverages and adhesive labels can leave a sticky residue and internal areas of labellers can become heavily contaminated with glue and grime, therefore reducing process efficiency. Dry Ice is a food grade media which quickly and effectively removes such contaminants, resulting in a superior clean.

To investigate Dry Ice’s decontaminating properties, Polar IceTech commissioned independent research. This research proved that cleaning with Dry Ice decontaminates against E-Coli, Salmonella and Listeria. Ceramic, stainless steel, slate steel and nylon were used in the research. Not only did the research prove that Dry Ice Cleaning kills bacteria, it also proved that cross contamination does not occur.

Reduces Downtime

Glue pots with heavy build up before and after Dry Ice Cleaning.

Dry Ice Cleaning cleans in place, requiring little to no disassembly. This significantly reduces the scope of the project and reduces production downtime.

No Secondary Waste Stream

There is no secondary waste stream produced during Dry Ice Cleaning. This reduces disposal costs, time needed for cleaning and costs associated with this.


Dry Ice Cleaning is non-abrasive. It provides a superior clean without damaging the substrate, which is ideal for use on delicate components.

Non-Conductive & Moisture Free

Dry Ice Cleaning is a non-conductive process. As it is moisture-free, it is suitable for use on electrical components, without a need to wrap equipment before cleaning. As it is a dry process, it can be immediately re-introduced to production.

Dry Ice Cleaning is suitable for use on equipment including, but not limited to:

  • Bottling lines
  • Conveyors
  • Belts
  • Bottling heads
  • Filling machine
  • Glue assemblies
  • Cables & trays
  • Electrical control panels, cabinets, motors, gear box
  • Equipment feet
  • Flooring

For more information, read our brochure on Dry Ice Cleaning on bottling lines, or watch our conveyor video to further understand the capabilities of Dry Ice Cleaning.