• Completely dry, moisture free, safe process
  • Non-abrasive
  • Delicate cleaning
  • No secondary waste stream
  • Reduces risk of malfunction and catastrophic failure
  • Increased IR readings

Contamination build up within electrical stators can cause intermittent earth faults, resulting in higher running costs and lower electricity generation and risking malfunctioning or catastrophic failure. Ensuring a stator is cleaned to the highest standard can prevent these issues from occurring.

By effectively removing contaminants from stators and achieving a high quality clean, Dry Ice Cleaning significantly reduces the risk of malfunction and catastrophic failure, prolonging the reliability of equipment. Contaminant removal also improves the equipment’s Insulation Resistance readings.

As leaders in this field, we have developed a technically advanced solution to ensure sensitive and delicate electrical components are safely cleaned, ensuring that the highest quality clean is achieved.

Electrical stator before and after Dry Ice Cleaning.

Dry Ice Cleaning is a delicate, moisture free, non-conductive, inert process which makes it ideal for cleaning sensitive electrical equipment safely. Dry Ice Cleaning is a non-abrasive process, and therefore is not damaging to any sensitive surfaces. The process results in a clean of a superior quality.

With Dry Ice Cleaning, there is very little risk of human error, and hard to reach areas are easily accessed. It is a fast process which does not produce any secondary waste, reducing time necessary for clean up and associated costs.

For more information, have a look at our stators brochure.

Watch the Polar IceTech team in action cleaning an electrical stator in the video below.