IRISH industries can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by using Dry Ice Blasting as their cleaning solution. The process has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA which qualifies dry ice blasting as an efficient eco-friendly cleaning solution industries such as pharmaceutical, power generation, oil & gas, general manufacturing and food & beverage to mention but a few.

“Dry Ice is obtained as a byproduct of other industrial processes made from reclaimed / recycled CO2. The Dry Ice Blasting process does not produce CO2 or add CO2 to the atmosphere and therefore does not contribute to the greenhouse effect thus making it totally carbon neutral,” explains Damien McDonnell Managing Director of Polar IceTech Ltd, Ireland leading Dry Ice Blasting Specialists

“Using Polar IceTech’s Cryogenic Cleaning Technology has major advantages to the environment over traditional methods of cleaning including: 1. It safely cleans waste from equipment which would otherwise be classed as hazardous waste. 2. No chemicals, solvents, detergents are used in the Dry Ice Blasting Process. 3. Cleaning a surface with Dry Ice Blasting decontaminates killing 99.9% of bacteria thus eliminating the need for secondary wipe down with chemical wipes on surfaces within the Food & beverage, pharmaceutical industry and 4. Dry Ice Blasting creates a much safer workplace as workers are not exposed to potentially harmful airborne substances created through using chemicals or solvents.”

When compared with traditional industrial cleaning methods, dry ice blasting eliminates the need for the disposal and removal of ‘secondary waste’ which often contains the chemicals and solvents used in the cleaning process. It does this by simply sublimating / disappearing back into the atmosphere, eliminating the costs associated with the safe disposal of toxic and hazardous waste.

Multiple articles verifying the use of dry ice blasting can be found online, many of which quote Vince Elliott in his book Extreme Green Cleaning which catalogues all chemical-free cleaning technologies and detailed use, advantages and disadvantages of each in an unbiased presentation. The American Food Safety Magazine published an article which can quoted as saying dry ice blasting is excellent for cleaning stubborn areas within the food production process.

“Dry ice blasting is ideal for use in directed cleaning of areas where wet cleaning may be problematic such as in bakeries to remove carbon from racks and pans, as well as refrigeration equipment, ovens and stubborn, caked-on food splash from walls, floors and appurtenances.”

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