• Dislodges easily due to cold temperature of Dry Ice
  • No secondary waste stream
  • Cleans in place
  • Fast and effective
  • High quality of clean

Removing bitumen from heat coils with Dry Ice Blasting.

Bitumen, tar and asphalt can build up on bulk storage tanks, heating coils, road tankers and surface dressing equipment used for road maintenance and repair. This can mask problems and lead to inefficiencies. This is evident when bitumen builds up on heating coils and the efficiency of the heat transfer process is greatly reduced.

With such a heavy product, regular maintenance and cleaning is vital to ensure that equipment works efficiently and problems or defects are clearly visible.

Dislodges Easily

Dry Ice Blasting is ideal for removal of bitumen/tar/asphalt from equipment. The cold temperature of Dry Ice at -78.5°C degrees causes the bitumen to freeze, crack and lift off. Therefore, the bitumen is easily removed and the equipment is cleaned to a superior standard.

No Chemicals or Water

Dry Ice Blasting is a dry, moisture free process; it contains no water and no chemicals. Hence, no extra mess is created.

Cleans in Place

Dry Ice Blasting cleans in place, with little to no need for disassembly of equipment. Due to this, downtime for cleaning is significantly reduced.

No Secondary Waste

Dry Ice Blasting does not produce a secondary waste stream as Dry Ice sublimates to a gas. This significantly reduces the time and costs associated with clean up and disposal.

The Polar IceTech team removing bitumen from road maintenance equipment.

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