Car Detailing is fast becoming a popular Dry Ice Cleaning application across the globe. Topical Oxidation, flaking paint and dirt on upholstery are, among many, all problems faced when restoring and maintaining classic cars. Dry Ice Cleaning is proving to be very effective in resolving all of theses problems and the process is free of post-blasting complications.

Classic cars, vintage cars and old cars that are being lovingly restored and maintained need delicate and precision cleaning that is gentle enough that it won’t damage parts and thorough enough that it will offer a superior clean. The Dry Ice is the solution for many reason (see list below), among these reasons are two of key favourites. The first is the pellets remove are aggressive enough to remove contaminants from precise surfaces which wouldn’t normally be accessible for cleaning without disassembly. Dry Ice cleaning excels here. The second most popular reason is the no secondary waste. When the dry ice hits the surface it sublimates back into the atmosphere so unlike grit, sand or glass blasting, nothing gets left behind. No mess anywhere. The last thing you want is for sand and grit to be caught in nuts and bolts and causing an issue.

There are countless reasons why Dry Ice Blasting is becoming so popular for car detailing and restoration, however, in the interest of brevity and giving you a quick insight, here are six of the most popular reasons (in no particular order) with a brief explanation of each:

6 Popular Reasons to use Dry Ice Cleaning for Car Detailing and Car Restoration

  1. Removes rust and prepares surface perfectly for repainting: There is no moisture in the dry ice which is makes it perfect for preparing the surface. The dry ice and the compressed air will effectively removing the rust, and smoothen the surface with adjoining paint. There will be no moisture left on the surface meaning that the new paint will have ideal conditions to bond and to endure.
  2. Aggressive enough to remove debris yet gentle enough that it won’t damage parts: Dry Ice is soft. It doesn’t have hard edges like sand, grit or glass beads. This means that when it hits the surface, it won’t damage, abrade or erode surfaces. We call this non-abrasive. However there’s a difference between non-abrasive and non-aggressive. The flow and pressure of our compressed air combined with certain nozzles allows Dry Ice Cleaning to be aggressive enough or not at all. In the case of car detailing, getting the right combination of all variables means that the debris can be removed without damaging components or without compromising the integrity of the surface
  3. Cleans while in situ, so no disassembly: Cars are made up of lots of small components and some of them are really tricky to get to unless so disassembly is often required. With Dry Ice Cleaning for car detailing, once you can see it and you can access it with your hand, you can clean it without disassembling other critical components.
  4. No moisture so won’t damage electrics: This feature is revolutionary as it it means that you can clean with confidence that sensitive electrical components and leads will not be damaged
  5. Removes mould or dirt from upholstery making it look like almost new: the beauty of restoring vintage or classic cars is to make them look fresh and almost new yet holding onto their original charm and beauty. You want the car to look pristine yet not manufactured. Dry Ice Blasting may be an innovative and modern process but it doesn’t impact the original integrity. Not only will your upholstery look new but so too will your engines, suspensions, transmissions and mechanical components.
  6. (One of the most popular reasons for choosing Dry Ice Cleaning) No secondary waste means sand and water are not getting caught in crevices: In short, no mess and no complications afterwards. Traditional sand blasting will leave you with sand everywhere and often this can prove problematic because it gets into the components and causes lots of other problems. The Dry Ice sublimates (turns from solid to gas) instantly so there’s no mess and nothing gets stuck in components afterwards.

Three Reasons to use Polar IceTech for car detailing:

  1. We can do it for you (we’ve 15 years experience)
  2. We can teach you how to do it yourself.
  3. (Another bonus point) We have the equipment, the dry ice and all the knowledge

Damien, Máiréad and William are the people you want to talk to in our offices about car detailing with Dry Ice Cleaning.  If you want us to help you out either with doing the work or with machine hire, call us on 021 4232020 or drop us a line If you’re only browsing and have a question, we’d be happy to hear from you too.