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Surface Preparation with Dry Ice Blasting

High intensity Dry Ice Blasting is very effective for preparing surfaces including removal of scale and rust or corrosion prior to re-coating, painting, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing), cosmetic finishings and coating or contaminant removal. As the process is non-abrasive it will only remove paint or coatings where the bond is broken. Where the bond is peeling […]

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It’s all about the Data: Why CI Teams are taking Dry Ice Blasting seriously

IT’S ALL ABOUT THE DATA Why Continuous Improvement Teams are taking Dry Ice Blasting seriously Lean Six Sigma and Continuous Improvement teams tirelessly seeks to improve company efficiencies and introduce processes which reduce operating overheads and streamline workflows. Together with Polar IceTech, many of our clients reduce wasted time, reduce production downtime, reduce secondary waste (and all associated […]

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How Polar IceTechs Dry Ice Blasting Work Cryogenic Cleaning Continuous Improvements in the Cleaning Departments non toxic cleaning moisture free cleaning non abrasive cleaning

How Dry Ice Blasting Works

How Does Dry Ice Blasting work? Dry Ice Blasting is an innovative and technically-advanced method of cleaning and decontaminating surfaces with Dry Ice – a solid form of carbon dioxide. The dry ice comes in pellet format which are stored at -79ºC. At Polar IceTech we use various different pellet sizes depending on the type of work […]

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Dry Ice Pellets - Solid carbon Dioxide used in Dry Ice Blasting Cryogenic Cleaning in Irish Industries with Polar IceTech

What is Dry Ice and How is it Used in Cryogenic Cleaning?

What is Dry Ice and How is it used in Cryogenic Cleaning? Dry Ice is solid carbon dioxide (CO2). It is -79°C and is made by pressurising, cooling and compressing gaseous & liquid CO2. It The Dry Ice we use is made from reclaimed and recycled CO2 therefore is carbon neutral and not harmful to the […]

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Dry Ice Cups

Manufacturing & Sustainability Events

Polar IceTech are delighted to be exhibiting and speaking at the 2017 National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference and the Sustainability Summit 2017 on Tuesday November 31st at City West, Dublin. Free admission is available to each event by registering at either www.manufacturingevent.com or www.sustainabilitysummit.ie We have reserved stand number S87 (see floor map here where to find […]

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Polar IceTech Ltd Dry Ice Blasting Specialists offering Dry Ice Cleaning Solutions in Northern Ireland, the UK and Republic of Ireland

Polar IceTech Ltd expand into Northern Ireland

Polar IceTech Ltd are delighted to announce an expansion of our team and services in Northern Ireland. Following the awarding of a significant number of contracts within Northern Ireland across multiple industries, we have recently established an office and have hired a number of operators. “It is an exciting time for Polar IceTech Ltd as […]

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Polar IceTech Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting in the Power Generation Industry

Cleaning electrical equipment is a necessity if power plants, and the industry in total, are to reach maximum efficiency and ultimate production capabilities. The costs associated with downtime and machines out of operation can be significant, however, cleaning can often not be a priority considering the amount of downtime involved. Not cleaning the equipment on […]

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Polar Icetech Ltd Reducing Carbon Footprint with Dry Ice Cleaning

Dry Ice Blasting Contributing to Reduced Industry Carbon Footprint

IRISH industries can significantly reduce their carbon footprint by using Dry Ice Blasting as their cleaning solution. The process has been approved by the EPA, FDA and the USDA which qualifies dry ice blasting as an efficient eco-friendly cleaning solution industries such as pharmaceutical, power generation, oil & gas, general manufacturing and food & beverage […]

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