Dry Ice Cleaning following Fire & Flood

Fire, flood and smoke can cause significant damage to buildings and contents. The clean-up afterwards can often be labour intensive and expensive with smells lingering for years. For this, Dry Ice Cleaning is the ideal solution.

Cleaning with Dry Ice removes smoke and soot contaminants while not harming the substrate. Dry Ice Cleaning is up to three times faster than traditional methods and provides a more thorough clean, even in tight angles of trusses, around nails and wiring.

Dry Ice Cleaning is a completely dry process so no further cleanup or removal of secondary waste is required.

For further information on Fire and Smoke Remediation with Dry Ice Cleaning, read our blog.

Key features

  • Fast, efficient, effective process
  • Non-abrasive, so does not damage equipment or structure
  • Safe for use on sensitive electrical items (e.g. switches, wiring)
  • No secondary waste
  • Chemical-free process
  • Environmentally sustainable

Key Benefits               

  • Less downtime or displacement
  • Removes odour from fire, smoke and water damage
  • 99% mould spore removal on wood when IAQA standards followed
  • Easily removes smoke contamination
  • Controls mould and sanitises other biological contaminants (such as sewage residue carried by flooding)
  • Eliminates need for sanding, scraping or wire brushing
  • Cleans areas which are hard to reach

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