Preventive Dry Ice Cleaning on Electrical Distribution Boards

Significantly reduces risk of fire, flashover and catastrophic failure Greater energy output at a lower cost Easy removal of surface contaminants without risk of damage (even in hard to reach areas) Within distribution boards, contaminants such as dirt, lint, fibers, dust and food ingredients, e.g. whey and flour, can build up. This can result in […]

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Cleaning Industrial Dryers with Dry Ice

Benefits of Dry Ice Cleaning: Lifespan and reliability of dryers improved Load dries 50% faster Faster drying at a lower cost Cleans in place without need for disassembly, minimising downtime Industrial Dryers face a serious problem when dryer panels become heavily contaminated with foreign objects. A build up of melted plastic blocks air holes is […]

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Cleaning HRSGs with Dry Ice

Cleaning plays a key role in equipment reliability and efficiency, especially in heat recovery steam generators (HRSG). HRSGs are large heat exchangers that recover the wasted heat from the combustion turbine exhaust. To do this, clean fins are crucial in HRSGs to ensure maximum efficiency. Over time, sulphur and rust accumulate, preventing the transfer of heat. […]

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Reliability Ireland March2019 Polar IceTech ARQ, Fleury Engineering

Reliability is Cleanliness

“There cannot be reliability without cleanliness. When we investigate equipment that fails, the condition in which it is maintained plays a significant role. The exterior and interior cleanliness of the asset as well as the quality of the oil used within it plays a significant role in it’s performance.” “How our equipment is cleaned equally […]

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Polar IceTech sponsors Reliability Ireland 2019 highlighting the connection between dry ice cleaning and equipment reliability

Polar IceTech announce sponsorship of Ireland’s only Reliability conference

Cleaning is one of the key components in successful equipment reliability and maintenance. When equipment is clean, it’s easier to inspect, identify potential problems and maintain optimum performance. When it’s not, dirt, grease, grime and moisture can cause significant interruptions to production and potentially cost companies millions. In knowing this, and eager to spread the […]

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Surface Preparation with Dry Ice Blasting Polar IceTech Ireland.JPG

Effective Surface Preparation with Dry Ice Blasting

Up to 80% of paint and coating failures are a leading attribute to poor quality surface preparation. Effectively preparing surfaces for re-coating, coating, painting, NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) or cosmetic finishings is essential if a lasting finish is to be achieved and to avoid premature rework.   According to Polar IceTech Managing Director, Damien McDonnell, one […]

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Polar IceTech OilFired Boiler Cleaning Dry Ice Blasting

Increasing Boiler Efficiency with Dry Ice Cleaning

Cleaning boilers with Dry Ice Blasting can drastically increase boiler efficiency without damage to HRSG economiser tubes. A safe and fast cleaning method, Dry Ice Blasting  easily removes difficult contaminants including rust and carbon build up while reducing the risk of catastrophic failure and unplanned outage. Reduced energy consumption and increased efficiency are the results […]

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Polar IceTech Job Opportunity Marketing Support

Job Opportunity – Marketing Assistant Required

Role: Marketing Assistant Basis: 12 week project – up to 10 hours per week Remuneration: from €22,000 pro rata Application deadline: Close of business on Tuesday January 30, 2018   Job description We are looking for a dynamic, self motivated and skilled marketing professional to join our team on a freelance basis for a 12 […]

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Reliability Centered Maintenance Programmes with Dry Ice Blasting Cryogenic Cleaning at Polar IceTech

Dry Ice Cleaning and Reliability-centered Maintenance

Increasingly companies and their production, continuous improvement & reliability teams are looking at ways to ensure performance of equipment and associated assets are optimised. They are looking at ensuring failure and downtime, is eliminated, or at least significantly minimised, and obtaining the most effective performance from existing equipment & assets. The factors that matter are less downtime associated costs, less reject and scrap rates, increased end product […]

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