About Polar IceTech

Polar IceTech Ltd specialise in providing Eco Friendly Cryogenic Cleaning Solutions both onsite and in-house to a wide range of industries. For over a decade, Polar IceTech have built an unrivalled reputation for delivering our unique cryogenic cleaning solution to global multi-national companies as well as local SMEs. This saves them both time and money by increasing productivity and safety, as well as significantly improving the lifespan of equipment and reducing their carbon footprint through our tailored dry ice blast cleaning process.

We pride ourselves as leaders in the field with significant experience and technology suitable for delivering this very specialised type of cryogenic cleaning. Currently, we operate across the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. Polar IceTech have multiple sites with headquarters in Cork and Belfast.

We are official distributors of the  global leader (OEM’s) of Dry Ice cleaning technology, Cold Jet, and have been for over a decade. This strong relationship with the world’s leading brands demonstrates Polar IceTech’s long-term commitment to providing world-class Dry Ice Blasting cleaning solutions in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.




Good cleaning processes are vital to industry, and finding sustainable solutions for the most difficult & challenging cleaning applications are few & far between. This is why we at Polar IceTech are committed to delivering tailored cryogenic cleaning solutions to industry. We strive to provide world class contract service which is compliant, safe, effective and adds value to technically advanced industries.

We have a leading portfolio of experience and technology delivering on quality & value each and every time.



Polar IceTech’s vision is to develop, educate & deliver tailored cryogenic cleaning solutions across sectors such as Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Semi Conductor, Power Generation, Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage and many more. Ensuring that all industries significantly benefit from this process thereby further ensuring that the eco-friendly, effective & efficient cryogenic cleaning solution offered by Dry Ice Blast Cleaning is a viable and considered option for high value moisture & abrasive sensitive capital equipment.


At Polar IceTech we are passionate about creating sustainable solutions which facilitate large industries while also reducing their carbon footprint. Our dry ice blast cleaning technology allows companies to clean highly sensitive electrical and mechanical components & equipment in place without compromising on their environmental commitments. The delicate nature of the dry ice cleaning ensures that stubborn contaminants such as grease, oil, resins, waxes, hydro carbons etc can be removed easily without damaging the equipment and surface being cleaned and also significantly improving equipment / production efficiency and safety. Our services can significantly increase productivity and safety, and reduce overall operating costs. This also extends the lifespan of the equipment which further contributes to not only cost savings for our clients but significant environmental savings also.

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