Preventative Maintenance Cleaning on Electrical Distribution Boards and Switchgear

  • Preventative Maintenance (PM) Cleaning ensures reliability and performance
  • Increases IR readings
  • Non-conductive, dry moisture free process
  • Non-abrasive
  • No secondary waste stream

Within electrical equipment such as distribution boards and switchgear, contaminants (dust, grime and product) can build up on the exterior panel of the distribution board, but can infiltrate the interior, reducing reliability and performance and risking overheating and flashover. Dust is one of the most concerning contaminants of electrical distribution boards as dust is a conductor of electricity. 

Preventative Maintenance Cleaning increases equipment lifespan and saves money in repairs, replacements and downtime due to faults.

Dry Ice Cleaning is a fast, effective process that supplies a superior clean and can be implemented into Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) systems and preventative maintenance programmes when cleaning electrical distribution boards, cabinets, enclosures, cable trays/cables etc.

As Dry Ice Cleaning is a moisture free, non-abrasive and non-conductive process, it is particularly suitable for cleaning electrical equipment such as distribution boards and switchgear. Dry Ice Cleaning can considerably extend the lifespan of critical components, resulting in significant financial savings. Dry Ice Cleaning can be successfully implemented into reliability centred maintenance (RCM) systems and preventative maintenance programmes when cleaning electrical distribution boards, cabinets, enclosures etc.

Dry Ice Cleaning effectively and easily removes surface contaminants without any risk of damage to any substrate. The small particles of Dry Ice pellets allow greater access of hard to reach areas giving a higher quality of clean, ensuring that components such as circuit breakers, transformers, controllers and switches can be effectively cleaned.

As the process is moisture free and non-conductive, the risk of fire or flashover is drastically reduced and/or eliminated, ensuring increased safety for personnel. Dry Ice Cleaning results in lowered energy running costs with a greater energy output and reduced health and safety risks, as well as requiring significantly less downtime compared to traditional cleaning methods.

For more information, read our brochure on Preventative Maintenance Cleaning or watch the video below, which shows the Polar IceTech team Dry Ice Cleaning an electrical equipment post-flashover.

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